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Dr. Cole has the experience to provide expert care for you and your dental crown needs at his office in Bastrop, TX. At certain times, everyone has to face problems surrounding tooth decay, and older, dying teeth. With that said, proper dental care and maintaining a healthy diet are sometimes not enough to avoid cavities and fillings. As time goes by your fillings can wear away causing larger cavities to occur and your teeth to crack. As a result, your risk increases in tooth breakage or loss. This is where dental crowns come into use.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a protective cover or cap that fit over a damaged tooth. The crown is custom-made specifically for your teeth and will restore a tooth to its natural shape, size, and function. With that in mind, it can help in preventing further damage to the tooth’s root and improve its appearance. Dental crowns are ideal in preventive dental care and can assist in avoiding future oral issues or having oral surgery and dental implants from tooth loss.

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The Dental Crown Procedure

Once we determine that a dental crown is necessary, it usually takes two appointments to complete the treatment. On the first visit, we’ll apply a local anesthetic and prepare the tooth to be a solid base for the crown. Then we’ll use a digital scanner to take a digital impression of the area. This technology allows us to custom fit your crown to perfectly fit your teeth. While you wait for the permanent crown, we use a temporary crown to protect the tooth. With that said, while you have a temporary crown the tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold and you need to avoid chewing gum and sticky foods.

It takes approximately 2 weeks to make your crown. During this appointment, we will remove your temporary cap and fit your permanent cap. During this time we’ll make any adjustments needed for optimal comfort and appearance. Once we establish a perfect fit Dr. Cole will cement the crown into place.

You May Need Dental Crowns When These Issues Occur.

  • Advanced tooth decay

  • Loose fillings caused by cracked teeth or deteriorating tooth health
  • A root canal treatment where the dental crown protects the restored tooth
  • Teeth that have a chip or have discoloration
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Are Dental Crowns A Good Fit For Your Needs?

Before we begin, we will discuss your priorities to better guide your exam and our dental treatment recommendations.

There are many instances where dental crowns can be a perfect fit in restoring your oral health and preserving your teeth from further damage. At our office in Bastrop, we can assess your teeth and suggest the optimal solution for your situation. We are here to help you restore your smile and provide affordable dental crowns in the Bastrop area. Below are a few circumstances where dental crowns may be appropriate.

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