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At CS Family Dentistry we enjoy caring for your whole family including your children. We know that it can be a little unnerving for your child visiting the dentist and that’s why we’re here to help.

One common rule about oral health is that it is best to catch the disease, breakage, or cavities earlier rather than later. That is why kids dentistry is a vital part of your child’s health and wellness. During the stages of tooth loss and growth, an active and communicative relationship with CS Family Dentistry can provide peace of mind and useful information.

Children can be empowered to take necessary dental health steps by receiving regular exams and cleanings. In order to do away with the natural discomfort a child feels having to attend a dentist appointment, it helps to have a conversation about oral health regularly and remind them of the importance of routine visits.

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Things To Remember

Our habits surrounding dental hygiene start very young and can have a lifelong impact if they are nurtured early. Introducing and enforcing habits like brushing twice a day can do wonders for a child’s sense of routine as well as the future of their teeth. Flossing once a day and learning the proper way to floss is beneficial as well.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Cleanings are very thorough, and April, my hygienist, is very professional and friendly.
Sandy D., Bastrop, TX
The service was great. Very thorough and kept me informed throughout the cleaning process.
Jill H, Bastrop, TX
Have had good experience with the staff and professionals here.
T Mano, Smithville, TX


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