Invisible Braces

Braces used to be a rite of passage in adolescence. Even today, many people still envision a teenaged mouth full of braces and wires navigating the halls of junior and high school. 

The reality is that the notion that braces are just for teenagers is outdated; it’s never too late to fix your smile. Modern orthodontics is appropriate for all ages—from children to mature adults. If you have minor dental issues that require orthodontics, invisible braces might be your solution for a quick, effective, and subtle dental treatment. 

Bastrop, TX, dentist Dr. Cole Smith is certified in invisible braces that can straighten and correct your teeth as an alternative to metal braces. Since invisible braces focus on remedying the visible part of your smile, this option can be less costly and quicker than the traditional route. Many adult patients like invisible braces for their cosmetic appearance—since their professional and social image never changes. 

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more adults are seeking corrective orthodontic treatment than ever; in fact, one in every five patients that get braces is older than twenty-one. Invisible braces are a fast alternative to metal braces, and less conspicuous. 

Who Benefits from Invisible Braces?

Many patients seek out orthodontic treatment for different reasons, but common ones include:

  • Difficulty chewing due to malocclusion (teeth don’t align correctly)
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Jaw pain resulting from misalignment
  • Tooth misalignment 
  • Shifting teeth as you get older

Clear Braces Just Like Invisalign

Our skilled Bastrop dentist can administer leading-edge orthodontic treatment to strengthen your oral health and enrich your quality of life. Invisible braces can straighten your teeth, both subtly and cosmetically without detracting from your daily life. There are many benefits to invisible braces, including:

  • Clear plastic aligners are unnoticeable and unobtrusive. Most people won’t know you’re straightening your teeth unless you tell them, so you never have to feel self-conscious
  • Unlike metal braces, you won’t have to feel apprehensive about scratching or irritating your cheeks and gums. The smooth composition of the aligners make them comfortable and never painful or scratchy
  • Invisible braces are removable so you can eat meals and maintain oral hygiene as usual, and you'll never have to wonder about food particles getting caught in wires or brackets
  • You can get results in a shorter time frame than metal braces
  • Invisible braces can fix minor bite functions, which could otherwise lead to oral health issues including gum infection, wear and tear of tooth enamel, cavities, and complications eating or speaking

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