Cosmetic Dentistry in Bastrop, TX

Elderly couple smiling after teeth whitening in Bastrop Are your teeth and gums healthy and strong, but you aren’t delighted with your smile? Don’t let your smile hold you back; getting the smile you want is easier than you think. Our Bastrop dental team is here to answer any questions you have about different dental services and cosmetic procedures we provide. 

Since we use high-grade material and advanced dental technology, the sky’s the limit on how we can treat your smile. Whether you want bright, polished teeth for a special event or you have a gap in your front teeth that you want to fix, the Bastrop, TX, dental office of Dr. Cole Smith can help!

To get started, call us at (512) 321-2188 today. We’ll arrange a cosmetic dentistry visit so that you can sit with Dr. Smith and go over your smile goals and what you are a good candidate for.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Bastrop, TX

Improving how your smile looks can be quicker than you think. In just one office visit during your lunch break, you can whiten the shade of your teeth as light as desired. Some cosmetic treatments take a few months, so schedule well in advance before a big event. 

Before any cosmetic treatment, Dr. Smith will evaluate the oral health of your teeth and gums. Many procedures require a healthy foundation to build on. Our patient-first approach means we won’t push you to approve a procedure until you are entirely comfortable and educated in it. Here are some of the cosmetic dental services we offer:

Professional Teeth Whitening—Professional whitening in Bastrop is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments. We use in-office Zoom teeth whitening that is clinically tested and takes around one hour to complete. For patients with busy schedules, we offer take-home Opalescence whitening treatments which can be used alongside Zoom or independently. For the best whitening results, we recommend our patients do both. Woman laying down and smiling

Tooth-Colored Fillings—Our composite tooth-colored fillings blend with your natural teeth, resulting in a seamless cavity filling. We can also use white fillings to repair small cracks or chips, and we can even fill in small gaps. 

Dental Crowns—Crowns not only restore the function of a weakened tooth, but they also enhance the attractiveness of your smile. Dental crowns are an excellent way to protect your teeth and create a dazzling look.  

Porcelain Veneers—Veneers are a fantastic dental treatment that can enhance the way your smile looks. Veneers are adhered to the front surface of your tooth, strengthening a misshaped, chipped, stained, or otherwise imperfect tooth.  

Dental Implants—Replacing a missing tooth could fall under restorative dentistry, but the effects a dental implant has on your appearance are unmistakable. No matter how a tooth is lost, it’s essential to replace it before adjacent teeth shift towards the gap. Dental implants restore your oral health and your beauty!

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You will never know what kind of smile you could have until you come to visit CS Family Dentistry. You might be surprised at the full range of possibilities that are available to you. Call us today to get started!