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Preparing for Tooth Extractions

November 19, 2021
Posted By: CS Family Dentistry

If you’re having a tooth extraction in Bastrop, TX, you may be wondering about preparation. Fortunately, extracting a tooth or teeth is fairly common and straightforward.

However, you can do a few things to help you prepare for your extractions—both before and after your procedure.

Follow Your Bastrop, TX Dentist’s Instructions

There are places around the internet to read about extraction preparation and aftercare, but it’s crucial to follow your dentist’s advice first.

No two extractions are the same, and your dentist may provide customized instructions that you’ll not find online.

Basically, your dentist will let you know when to stop eating and drinking before surgery. And we will talk to you about what you should eat and what you should avoid for a few days following treatment.

Additional advice may include elevating your head—especially for multiple extractions—at night, when and how to apply gauze, and tips on ice pack usage.

It’s also essential to avoid smoking for a few days following the extraction. Smoking can slow healing. Additionally, you should avoid drinking through a straw as this can dislodge the healing blood clot, prolong the pain, and even lead to a painful condition called dry socket.

Prepare Your Home Environment for Aftercare

As a rule, you’ll want to have soft foods on hand like mashed potatoes, yogurt, and creamy soups. Also, be sure to have ice packs ready in the freezer.

Additionally, make plans to rest up for a few days to promote more effortless healing. And have a pain-reliever on hand. If you’re medically able, Ibuprofen is a popular choice because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

For Tooth Extractions in Bastrop, TX, Reach Out to Our Team

If you have troublesome wisdom teeth or a tooth broken below the gumline, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with our dentist. So give us a call today to get started.

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