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At what age should I bring my children in?

At CS Family Dentistry, we welcome your entire family, especially the little ones!

Patients typically start bringing children to our dental office by the age of two. Dr. Cole Smith will do an oral exam to see how your little one is progressing. If we detect any early issues, we can go ahead and take care of it immediately. 

Bring Your Children in Early 

We recommend starting good oral habits as young as possible. We are happy to see your babies or toddlers since it's good to get them familiarized with our dental office environment as early as possible. We can also help parents understand what oral milestones they should look for in their child, and how to prepare them for oral care. 

Schedule Your Family Today!

Our dental staff loves working with children, and we are experienced in making each visit fun. We work hard to provide a comfortable environment, so your child doesn't feel anxiety or fear regarding the dentist. 

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