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Can you sleep with dentures in?

Dentures in Bastrop are an excellent choice. They restore function and smile appearance, and they are affordable. Our dental office creates beautiful dentures that fit and function as intended.

However, we recommend not sleeping with dentures in your mouth for a few reasons.

First, removing your dentures and soaking them in a denture bath helps prevent oral infections, bacterial growth, and thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection that may grow on the tongue, soft tissues, or beneath the denture. You can also add a cleaning tablet to the denture bath to disinfect your prosthetic.

Next, sleeping with dentures may also accelerate bone loss, a natural occurrence when teeth are missing. Bone loss can make dentures feel loose, which means adhesives and relines. We suggest preserving the jawbone for as long as possible.

Keeping your mouth healthy is crucial to your overall wellness. And maintaining your denture plays a significant role in mouth health.

Denture Care in Bastrop, TX

If you’re new to dentures or are considering an upgrade, we can help. We are also here to help you maintain your prosthetic and enjoy a comfortable smile. We can also reline, repair, and professionally clean your dentures in Bastrop.

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